1014-MW Karachi Nuclear Unit 3 starts operation

  • by Sharoon Jan
  • 2 months ago
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1014-MW Karachi Nuclear Unit 3 starts operation

1014-MW Karachi Nuclear Unit 3 starts operation: Unit 3 of the nuclear plant in Pakistan has reached full operations for the first time. The nuclear power unit is using China Hualong one reactor has started commercial operations. From Monday as per the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

The 1014-MW power plant includes an HPR1000 pressurized water reactor and is owned or operated by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

The k3 unit of the Karachi Nuclear Power plant in Pakistan is the fourth largest nuclear power plant in the world. To utilize the Hualong one reactor. Which is China’s self-developed third-generation reactor.

According to the corporation alike, the K2 unit was also built with the support of CNNC. The k3 Unit will be able to produce 1100 Mega Watts of clean energy. Each hualong one nuclear generator has an installed capacity of 1.16 million kilowatts. And is likely to produce approximately 10 billion kilowatts hours of electricity every year. Sufficient to fulfill the power demand of 4 million families.

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