Azad Jammu Kashmir to Get International Airport and Bullet Train

  • by Sharoon Jan
  • 1 month ago
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Azad Jammu Kashmir to Get International Airport and Bullet Train

AJK Prime Minister has announced some huge initiatives that will not only help the locals. But also the tourists. First, he announced the establishment of an International Airport. Second, he announced to launch of a bullet train project from Azad Jammu Kashmir to Islamabad. This will promote tourism and economic growth in the region and improve connectivity with the rest of the world.

The prime minister addressed the AJK legislative Assembly and announced the establishment of a special economic zone for women. While allocating Rs500 million for the establishment of the cottage industry.

PM Sardar Tanveer further said that funds of 340 million have been allocated for the journalists and media industry. He added that a private airline would be launched in Azad Jammu Kashmir. While an international airport will be established.

The Prime announced that a bullet train project from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad will be started. He also acknowledged the assistance provided by the national security agencies for budget cut issues.

The Prime Minister further said that a model of 500 beds hospital would be set up in Mirpur and the living of the refugees would be increased by Rs1500. Meanwhile, the premiere announced to set up IT training centers in three major cities.

Sardar Tanveer also announced there will no increase in electricity tariff in Azad Jammu Kashmir for one year.

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