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Khannial Homes Islamabad

Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad is the project of Khanial Builders, developers are taking care of both purchaser and seller. In this way both seller and purchaser get profit. The main attractive goal of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad is to provide shelter to the people who are not able to buy house at high price. Khanial Builders also do many projects in which they offer business environment for business development.

Location of Khanial Homes

Khanial Homes is located on Main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange. It is a suitable site because it’s only a few minutes away from International Islamabad Airport and GPO Main Saddar Cantt Rawalpindi. Moreover, it provides a pleasant and content environment.

Rawalpindi/Islamabad are important administrative, commercial, and industrial centers. Rawalpindi is rapidly developing due to urbanization and new projects being introduced. The city is in need of new housing societies like Khanial Homes as the population is rising.

The main aim of Khanial Homes is to provide a comfortable and serene community for all. Khanial Homes offers a great opportunity to buy residential and commercial plots at the most affordable prices.

khannial Homes Islamabad
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About Developers

Khanial Builders are exceedingly qualified and exceptionally experienced. Due to these qualities Khanial Builders dominating group in the market. They are continuously working on the delivery of quality project of different kinds. Their participation in development is blessing because in all cases before architecture mapping. They consider the requirements of all clients. They ensure that each customer will be dealt with as a VIP.

The foundation of Khanial Builders is developed from 15 years ego. In the period of 15 years they learnt a lot from clients. Now they are on the stage where client blindly trust on the products of Khanial Builders. Khanial Builders are now coming with the offer of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad.

Khanial Homes Project is RDA Approved

What worries everyone the most including me is that the housing scheme we like, is approved or not. That also assures that is it safe to buy their the plot or not.

But Khanial Homes is a RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) approved housing scheme. Which is officially announed too. But if you haven’t heard that in news, you can find out the letter of RDA approval for Khanial Homes attached below.

Facilities and Features

Clean Water for Drinking and Home Usage

We all are wishes to drink or use clean water all the times. Because water is not basic need but water is a compulsory need of life. mostly area of residence have no proper water supply, the lake of pure water makes problems in living. Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad solved all the problems of water supply whether it is for home use or drinking water. Even you can use home use water for drinking. Parks in front of your houses are full of bloom with greenery due to plenty of pure water supply.

Khannial Homes
Proper Electricity Lines

Some areas of residence are in the list of non-favorate housing scheme. The major problem is poor supply of electricity. In these areas peoples who are already living share single connection. Single connection of electricity become problem, when most of electronic product cannot work properly due to low units.  But Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad is free from all these problems because each plot and house has proper separate connection of electricity. You can enjoy or use all electronic products all the time.

Telephone Lines

Telephone connections are also available in Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad. If you want a connection you can order and after paying bill you can easily talk to each corner of the world. People who are paying Full amount of plot can get permission of construction, without any delay.


Besides considering any region, we can observe that all region has some specific area for their prayers. Amazingly in Islam we called our praying area as MASJID (Mosque). Here are Muslims come and offer their prayers. Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad is coming with proper praying area with clean environment. You can come any time in the masjid for your prayers.

Pleasant Environment

Islamabad is the city of beauty. No one can deny this reality. Islamabad is considered most peaceful city in Pakistan, because it has industries, business, international level education centers but no noise, no disturbance is occurred in Islamabad. People who are pleasant lover are wishes to buy a house in Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad.


In the time of need we wishes to use public transport, here in front of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad, you can easily approach public transport. Lot of problems are already solved by being a part of Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad.

Sui Gas

Cooking? Can you cook? If yes then you can guess how much Sui Gas is important aspect for our living. We cannot cook if we have no Sui Gas connection. Same as electricity mostly residential societies have Sui Gas connection issues.  But in Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad has proper connection of Sui Gas in each plot of residence or commercial. No need to worry for Sui Gas share connection, you can even apply for separate connection on each floor of house.

Broad Roads

Small and conjusted streets are source of problem, not only from living point of view but also from parking point of view. Its common that when we come to home, moslt people park their car or motorcycle out of the house in the street. But if you already have small street how can you manage parking or walk at the same time? This is the problem, to solve these problems Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad. Map wide roads structure in each corner of the housing scheme. You park you car at the same time of walking on the road.


Mostly Society residence have issues of education, because they have to spend their time on traveling for their education. In short their school and colleges located on the far distance from their residence. Khanial Homes Chakri Motorway Islamabad solved this problem quietly by arranging high school within society. Your child can take admission and go to school on walking distance.

Property Types and Payment Plan

Khanial Homes is offering 30% down payment and 10% discount on full payment in case of installment policies. They have large amount of land available and the development is currently under process.

Residential plots are available in 5, 6, 8, 10, 20, and 40 Marla. The prices range from PKR 10.5 Lakh to PKR 66 Lakh.

5 Marla – PKR 10.5 Lakh

6 Marla – PKR 12.3 Lakh

8 Marla – PKR 15.6 Lakh

10 Marla – PKR 18.5 Lakh

1 Kanal –  PKR 35 Lakh

2 Kanal – PKR 66 Lakh

Commercial plots are available in 3-8 Marla, ranging from PKR 33 Lakh to 76 Lakh.

Khanial Homes value their clients and assure them the provision of best living standards through relentless efforts of an experienced team, delivering to the best of their expectations. Furthermore, their goal is to provide replica watches sale quality service to their client’s and to commit to their needs in the real estate market. Khanial Homes hopes to be the best affordable luxurious housing society you have ever dreamed of. It is a company that wants to bring you the most comfort and a good lifestyle that is easy and reasonable.

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