Lightyear 0 Solar Car Will Run for 7 Months Without Charging

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Lightyear 0 Solar Car Will Run for 7 Months Without Charging

The Dutch company is starting deliveries of the world’s first production-ready solar car to customers later this year. Promosing months of charge less driving in summer conditions.

Light-year, founded in the Netherlands in 2016, is making 949 models featuring curved solar panels. Across the car’s hood and roof, power is derived from the sun. Will add as much as 702 kilometers (43 miles) of driving range per day from the sun.

“Electric cars are a step in the right direction, but they are dependent on the grid, which is still dependent on mostly fossil fuel energy.” Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Lex Hoefsloot said at the reveal of the 250,000-euro ($263,000) Lightyear 0 model. “Adding a new source, the sun, adds certainly that you will always have that change and you will have to change a lot less often.”

According to lightyear the optimized solar roof and holistic design mean that the car can drive for weeks. Even months, without charging in cloudy climates, based on the average commute of around 35 kilometers per day. The car can drive for up to two months before needing to be charged in sunnier countries, that could be up to seven months. Plugged into a regular home socket Lightyear 0 can still charge 32 Kilometers of range per hour.

The sustainable interior of the vehicle is vegan and eco-friendly, featuring plant-based leather, and fabrics made. From recycled PET bottles and wooden deco elements from sustainably-reconstructed rattan palm. Lightyear 0’s outer body panels are also made from reclaimed carbon: residual carbon fiber materials that would otherwise go to waste.

In June, the first test drive will be offered. In the fall lightyear will start up production. With the first cars reaching their drives in November. Lightyear hasn’t said anything about an India launch.

Lightyear has driven the car for more than 700 kilometers on a single charge of a 60-kilowatt-hour battery. Lightyear 0 Production solar car could run for 7 months without charging.

Following the small production run of the Lightyear ). The company plan to make a more affordable model at a starting price of 30,000 euros. Production is set to start in late 2024 or early 2025.

The Netherlands-based start-ups specialize in scalable grid-independent solar electric vehicles. Will accept pre-orders for the Lightyear 0 towards the end of the year.

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