Pakistan Accounts Committee Order End of Free Electricity to Wapda Employees

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  • 2 months ago
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Pakistan Accounts Committee Order End of Free Electricity to Wapda Employees

The Pakistan accounts Committee of Parliament on Thursday. Ordered the withdrawal of free-of-charge electricity to the employee of the Water and Development Authority and Power distribution companies (discos).

Committee Chairman Noor Alam Khan during a meeting expressed his annoyance. In the absence of the Chief Executive of the Karachi-Electric (K.E). He said that summons would be issued if the K.E C.E.O does not appear in the next meeting.

PAC reviewed the audit report of the Power Divison for 2018-19. The PAC chairman expressed concern over the provision of free electricity to the officers and employees of WAPDA and DISCOs. He directed that free electricity should not be provided to the power sector employees.

When the power division sector secretory pointed out that an abrupt abolition of the facility risked the spread of anxiety among the employees. The PAC recommends the provision of allowance instead of free electricity.

The secretary informed the committee about the shortcomings and inadequacies of his department. He said that 8 million electricity consumers are being given subsidies. He added that cost could not be covered if cheap electricity was provided to two-thirds of consumers.

During the meeting, PAC reprimanded the K.E officials. Chairman Noor Alam Khan said that if the K.E C.E.O did not come to the PAC meeting next time. Summons would be issued people of Karachi are dying and you are not taking it seriously,” He said to the K-Electric officials.

Also during the meeting, the PAC chairman had an altercation with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) lawmaker Shibli Faraz. After the former ordered the staff t copy of every document discussed at the PAC meeting to the media.

Faraz vehemently opposed the idea, saying that no unconfirmed or inconclusive matter should be distributed to the media. However, Khan replied that he wanted everything PAC to be shown to the people.

The public must know what questions their representatives are raising. I have reported that Rs. 14 billion was spent in a single day. I will present the report with proof. There are so many people in the country you cannot touch,” he remarked.

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