Petrol Sales Down 25% for Motorcyclists in Karachi

  • by Sharoon Jan
  • 2 weeks ago
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Petrol Sales Down 25% for Motorcyclists in Karachi

Due to the continuous increase in petrol prices, motorcycles in Karachi have restricted the supply of additional petrol. Motorcyclists see that gasoline is likely golden water at this time. Due to rising gasoline prices and cases of theft. People are installing gasoline locks on their motorcycles, and gasoline locks sales have increased by 30%. People prefer to walk rather than ride a motorbike to do close work.

The normal business owner in Karachi is a motorcyclist who works with government and private companies in various fields. And runs a private company in various fields and runs a private company. Quick reports on the difficulties motorcyclists face due to the high cost of gasoline they bring to the bike, and are as follows.

A citizen who rides a motorbike said that as long as there were Rs. 150 per liter of petrol. We could travel easily at this time when inflation and the prices of gasoline are rising. It has become difficult to use a motorcycle.

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