Rain Water Storage Tank in Rawalpindi Completed

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Rain Water Storage Tank in Rawalpindi Completed

Rain Water Storage Tank in Rawalpindi Completed. The construction of the underground tank to store rainwater is completed by PHA. The tank project aims to collect rainwater that can roughly hold about 100,000 gallons of water. Rawal Park has finished the construction of its first underground water storage tank. Rawalpindi Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) completed a 50 million project to limit the use of clean water in Parks.

Rawal Lake’s new water tank will be key in the upcoming monsoon season in Rawalpindi.

According to PHA Director, General Zaheer Ahmed Jappa will allow the authority to collect the rainwater in various parks. Throughout Rawalpindi, which will be used for irrigation in parks and other planting areas throughout the city.

Allama Iqbal Park, Rawal Park, Potohar Park, Liaquat Bagh, and Commercial Market. Children’s Park is among the Parks in Rawalpindi where this initiative will be inaugurated.

The PHA Director went on to say that a second tank is being erected in Liaquat Bagh, and two more would be created in the Commercial market. And Allama Park, with a total capacity of over 300,000 gallons.

He explained that the underground water tanks are being built to conserve rainwater. As part of this environmentally friendly project. He added that the project would help safeguard clean water from being overused for irrigation purposes.

He went on to say that the project would help protect clean water from being abused for irrigation.

The project will help to save almost 300,000 gallons of clean water.

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