State Bank Allows Bankers to Work From Home to Save Fuel

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State Bank Allows Bankers to Work From Home to Save Fuel

State Bank Allows Bankers to Work From Home to Save Fuel: In a bid to conserve fuel and electricity amid the ongoing energy crisis. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has allowed Bank officers to work from home for one to two days a week, a notification issued by SBP noted today.

“The Banks may formulate a policy on “Work From Home (WFH)” whereby banks.’ Offices (other than branches) can observe one/two days every week. As WFH to achieve the intended objective,” the notice read.

Following the federal and provincial governments, SBP has also taken a number of measures to conserve energy.

According to the banks close all the premises including branches at 7:00 pm or earlier and switch off their electricity supply. Except for any emergency use call centers, monitoring, and alternative delivery channels (ADCs). Backups and maintenance of necessary electrical/IT equipment moreover, the air conditioner at ATMs vestibules may be used economically.

In addition to, the electricity the illuminated signboards of branches and other offices shall remain switched off at all times. Banks are encouraged to hold their meetings (Intra/Inter-city etc.) virtually and also curtail their local as well as international traveling expense.

In order to reduce the computation time of the bank staff, the banks shall encourage their staff. To pool their transportation for commuting to and from their respective offices and take any further measures.

The banks may adopt the use of alternative and cost-effective sources of energy. Such as the deployment of solar technologies and encouraging the use of energy-efficient equipment, fixture, and appliances on their premises.

The SBP also advised banks to enhance the awareness of their employees as well as customers about energy conservation initiatives. And encourage them to take part in the energy conservation drive.

In the view of the foregoing, banks are advised to take appropriate and share their energy. Conservation plan with SBP latest by June 24, 2022 (Friday).

The notification further noted that measures should be effective latest from July 01, 2022. It is expected that the banking industry will also play a role in energy and fuel conservation, it added.

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